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One of our Program Coordinators, Tiffney, travels Alaska to visit with our consumers and caregivers. As you can imagine, she hears many great stories. She had the pleasure of talking with Jack, Raymond, and Patrick in Togiak, Alaska. Togiak is on the southwestern coast of Alaska bordering the Bering Sea. Raymond and Patrick provide caregiving services for Jack. When Jack was younger, he was a commercial fisherman and managed a reindeer herd. The reindeer herd provided meat for the Togiak village. When the lichen, “reindeer food” ran low, they had to move the herd to other parts of Alaska.

Jack and Raymond like to tell each other old Yupik stories, along with eating good Yupik food. The Yupik are a group of indigenous or aboriginal peoples of western, southwestern, and southcentral Alaska.

In the picture: Patrick, Tiffney (CDAK Program Coordinator), Raymond, and Jack (in front)

Jim Trombley | Regional Program Coordinator
Consumer Direct – Alaska