Kitchen with broken plates and kitchen items scattered across the floor.

As everyone has probably heard, Alaska was struck by a devastating 7.0 earthquake on Friday, Nov 30th at 8:29 am. The entire Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN) Alaska team was in Anchorage for our annual two days all staff training. First, let me tell you that all of us are safe, although many of our homes suffered damage (mainly items that fell from walls and cabinets or overturned furniture). Some of the main arterials in town and both highways leading out of town were affected, which added to the chaos of the day. Most all of the Kenai region team members had flown into Anchorage but were unable to fly out as the airport had been shut down while they checked for damage. Fortunately, those of us from Homer and Kenai were able to drive home after an extended delay for the Seward Highway to be cleared. While waiting, I was contacted by my brother (Dr. Dale Trombley Jr. and his wife, Nell) who live in Anchorage close to where we were waiting for the highway to be cleared. He insisted that I bring all of my team members to his home. As he put it, “we may not have power, but we have water and bathrooms.” So we accepted the offer and the seven of us descended on his place. And that’s where the story takes an interesting turn.

Upon entering the home, it was apparent that they, like all the others in Anchorage, had suffered damage. Without hesitation, and at Dale’s and Nell’s insistence that my team members did not need to help, they went to work cleaning up what they could. Sweeping up the broken glass and picking up the items that had fallen. But this is what we do, not only as CDCN team members but as Alaskans.

Many thanks from me, my brother, and his wife go out to Becky Thomas, Debra LeBrell, Tiffney Carlson, Kyla Besse, Ashley Palm, and Peggi Patton for what they did. As a supervisor, I could not be more proud of them.

Jim Trombley |  Regional Program Coordinator
Consumer Direct Care Network AK