Alaska State Capitol

Since 2001, Consumer Direct Care Network Alaska has provided home and community-based services to vulnerable Alaskans all across the state. Today, we support over 700 clients, employ nearly 1000 caregivers, and maintain six regional offices.

Now, our ability to continue providing care is under threat. For the past five years, Medicaid dollars for home and community-based services—money set aside for the most vulnerable, including the elderly and disabled—have been significantly reduced time after time.

This year, the Governor has publicly noted that healthcare is not one of his “core services” (public safety, transportation, natural resources, and education are his core priorities),1 and he has acted on these priorities by proposing a 5% cut to Medicaid-funded services.

What does this mean for you? Simple.

If this cut is approved as part of the budget, and if the Governor signs the budget, it could lead to reductions in caregiver wages or changes in the areas of the state where agencies like Consumer Direct Care Network Alaska provide care. You don’t want this. We don’t want this. We want to preserve our clients’ and caregivers’ way of life. We want to ensure that our clients have the best services available and that our caregivers can make a career out of supporting those who need extra help. We need action, and we need it now.

We are urging all of our clients, caregivers, and home communities to band together to TELL the Governor to reverse this cut. We need your help.

The Legislature is in the final days of setting out the Alaska state budget, and they have indicated that Medicaid cuts will be a part of the budget. The only option now is for us to urge the Governor to support our services.

Your voice matters and must be heard. Will you contact the Governor today? The only way to preserve necessary services is to urge the Governor to:

  • REVERSE the 5% cut to Medicaid rates
  • PROTECT Home and Community Based Services, Personal Care Services, and Community First Choice services
  • PRESERVE our funding and protect the most vulnerable Alaskans

It only takes a moment to change an outcome. Be the change today. Make a call, send an email….make your voice heard.

Please help us carry this message. Share this with your friends and family!

Governor Dunleavy’s Contact Information:
Email Governor Dunleavy
Juneau Office: 907.465.6600
Anchorage Office: 907.269.7450
Fairbanks Office: 907.451.2920